MIKE FISHER - Nashville Predators


 "I really enjoy training with Spike and his staff during the off season. Whether we're in the gym, on the ice, or running up and down hills, he always seems to have something new and innovative to keep it fresh. I've worked with many strength coaches over the years, but Spike's programs have proven time and again to help me be at my best!"









BRYAN BICKELL - Chicago Blackhawks


“I’ve trained with Spike and his staff at TPT for the past 4 years. The off-ice programs at the gym have really helped me get to another level physically and mentally. The workouts are draining, but he has a way of making it fun for everyone. The on ice programs focus more on overall skill. I like how we work on hands and edges, and not just conditioning. It’s exciting to have a program like this offered in Peterborough.”









CODY CROWLEY - Canadian National Champion Boxer


"I am an elite athlete, or at least I thought I was before I was introduced to Top Performance Training. I started as a relatively well conditioned national level boxer, and considered myself to be at a very high level of conditioning that all other fighters were in. I wanted to go that extra mile and train differently from other fighters. TPT was my answer! We started by working on building a solid base from the feet up! I never realized the importance of this type of training until I began to see and feel the results. I felt much more stable and actually had a stronger pair of legs underneath me. The next step was to become more explosive and agile, which enhanced my ability as a boxer to be in and out of punching range quickly without getting hit. The conditioning circuits from TPT topped everything off and truly took everything to the next level. TPT has made me that elite and complete athlete.I want to thank Spike and Top Performance Training not only for making me a better athlete, but a smarter one as well."












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