This is an early start at 6am 3 days per week. The Warrior group sessions are indoor and outdoor. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, this group trains rain or shine. A good combination of strength, endurance, and running. The Warrior group will get your fitness and mental game to new heights. This class is mixed and all are welcome. Dedication and work ethic required!




This is a low impact, high repetition workout. Your body will be your weight in this class. It's a full body blast while using the suspension trainer for most, if not the entire class. This class is mixed and for all fitness levels.



Extreme Kettle Bell

This is a full body workout using nothing more than kettle bells. These differ from your everyday dumbbells and barbells due to how the weight of the kettle bell is proportioned. Kettles have a swing effect which activate the core muscles throughout the majority of the exercises. With minimal impact on the body, this class will put you through unorthodox style movements which allow you to keep your workout fresh. Both males and females welcome.




This class will at first teach you the technical side of punching and footwork. Speed and agility, core and conditioning are the main focus in this class. There is no sparring, and we advise you to bring your own gloves and wraps. There are no weights in this class, however plenty of high rep body weight exercises and skipping. This class is mixed.





These classes are very intense and are offered daily. The best bang for your buck! Spike-Fit sessions are offered Mon-Fri 5pm, and Tues/Thurs at noon. These workouts will offer lots of variety and you will rarely do the same workout twice. This is a 50min well rounded full body workout of a lifetime! Men and Women are both welcome!




Men's Circuit

This 11am men's training session is offered 3x/week. Excellent for shift workers, or self employed. These workouts are set-up in a circuit format where you will find yourself pushing hard at each station for roughly 30-40sec each. There will be shorts breaks throughout. These sessions are well-rounded and will target most muscle groups. We will be focusing a great deal on core and stability strength as well as cardio stations such as biking and skipping.



Ladies Bootcamp

These sessions are all indoors throughout the winter months. Class sizes range from 8-20 ladies. This is for all fitness levels. A full body workout generally set-up as a circuit w/ short breaks. Training in a group atmosphere like this forces you to push yourself harder than usual. Great energy in these classes!




Yoga with Kayla is suited to all levels of (in)experience. In class you can expect to stretch, strengthen, sweat, breathe and rest in a balanced way that will improve your function. The dynamic movements of yoga are complimentary to other athletics and training programs at TPT.





Hockey Programs


Power Skating

Top Performance Training will come to a rink in your area. We are available to pre/mid-season on-ice conditioning for teams and individual players.



Pre- Tryout Skills and Conditioning Camp

This camp will consist of on-ice instruction, off-ice strength and conditioning, footwork and agility, and plenty of nutritional and motivational lessons. The ultimate goal is to pump as much information as possible into every participant. We stress the point of doing everything at top speed with a puck. For all levels from Minor-Peewee to Junior.







The classes we offer here at TPT are for males and females, athletes and non-athletes of all fitness levels. Training within a group setting not only motivates you to push harder than usual, but it allows you to experience positive energy at its best! My only advice is to get in here and try your first class for free and see first-hand how much fun training can be!


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