Top Perfomance Training is owned and operated by Mike (Spike) McCormick.

Mike grew up in Ennismore, Ontario which is located just north of Peterborough. He played minor hockey in Ennismore before moving to play in Peterborough's 'AAA' system.

At 16, Mike played his first year of Tier II hockey for the Pickering Panthers where he was selected to represent the eventual gold medal winning Team Ontario at the World U-17 Hockey Challenge. Later that spring he was drafted by the Peterborough Petes, but opted for a full scholarship to Ohio State.

Mike played his second year of junior hockey for the Peterborough Bees (now known as the Stars) before playing his next four years for the Buckeyes.

Mike also completed his Bachelor's degree in Sociology while attending Ohio State. From there, he continued on to play professional hockey for the next seven seasons in Germany and Sweden.

Mike incorporates a lot of the training methods learned throughout his career in Europe and at Ohio State into a well rounded plan to help get you, the athlete, to the next level.

Why Choose Top Performance Training?

Having witnessed the change in sports in general over the last few years, hockey especially, it's vital to train appropriately. We are going to work with our athletes to ensure that they'll be stronger, faster and tougher heading into this years training camp. As you prepare yourself for the next level, it's important to keep in mind that the pace of the game will change significantly. When you combine speed with agility, explosiveness and overall strength, you will have gained a significant advantage over the competition. I truly believe this type of training not only makes the athlete physically stronger, but mentally as well. You can ask any high profile athlete how much of a factor the mental aspect plays into their success and they will tell you just how important it is. For example, when you line up to face your opponents, ask yourself, what did they do during their off-season to prepare for this moment?

After having extensively trained throughout my career, I know from a personal standpoint just how effective the right training can be for an athlete. The reduction of injuries is crucial if you are serious about your overall performance throughout your career and the longevity of it. It's only logical to start looking after your body and learning the proper training techniques in the early stages of your aspiring careers.

Now, after having explained the goals of our training and what we strive to accomplish, it's important to note that not all of you will turn into superstars. There are no guarantees in life, but what I can guarantee is what you put into this training, you are going to get back, and then some. You will definitely leave here a more polished athlete than you started.

Looking forward to seeing and working with you all!

-Mike McCormick
Top Performance Training